FFA Auction

The FFA community was able to host an auction for the first time in two years as of last week.


Due to the onslaught that the pandemic provided us, activities that would once be considered commonplace were wiped out of our lives for several years. Thankfully, though, as we’re returning to a semblance of normalcy, these events are returning as well. On Thursday, March 24th, the Derry FFA held their once-annual auction for the first time in two years.

The return of the fundraiser was met with excitement. Individuals and businesses from around the county donated over 200 items for FFA to auction off, ranging from gift cards, to fencing supplies, to lawn mowers and a live goat. The team set to work, restoring the auction to what it once was and showing younger members the ropes. Some carried items to the front of the auctioning table, and others helped build the items up for bid. James Winklosky, the president of FFA, showed the freshman class Ag Production & Mechanics how to build bird feeders, resulting in six being available for purchase. Students from years past had build dog houses that had previously gone unsold, and those were set up for auction as well. A beehive, spring wreaths, and flower boxes were among other built items, letting the FFA team display their strength and creativity.

In the end, there were about 40 people bidding, with Dale Reed Auctioneers facilitating the live auction inside the high school cafeteria. Derry FFA would like to thank all the people that donated and helped out at the auction for providing them with the opportunity to get the event up and running again.