8th Grade Tours

young students interested in agriculture were able to tour the complex a few months ago, diversifying their options and catering to their interests.


Every year, the FFA holds tours for 8th grade students to explore the agricultural section of Derry’s high school education, with this year being no exception. Those already participating in the agriculture program were able to introduce interested 8th graders to the potential sector of the high school. An entire day was spent touring the ag building and answering any questions that may have been raised from the students, with 23 in attendance. Floral design, aquaponics, and care for small animals were only some of the classes offered to students.

The designated 8th graders were excused from their science classes on Jaunary 18th in order to head up to the complex on January 18th.  James Winklosky, the FFA president, guided them through a brief tour, followed by a run-down of what exactly the ag department does and what classes the upcoming 9th graders were able to take. Afterward, students were able to choose their field of interest and brainstorm about what agricultural path they could follow in the following year.

Derry has always been known as a farm town, and we’re one of the only schools in the area with such diverse opportunities for agricultural education. Though it may not be in the interest of everyone, those who have grown up and enjoy working in a rural environment may take interest in the multitude of opportunities that the agricultural department is able to present- there’s something for everyone.