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Student Feature: Haley Leonard

A Determined Sophomore’s Path to Early Graduation and Vet Tech Dreams

Graduating early is a big thing to think about. It is a choice that might affect your whole life, relationships,careers, and cause a lot of stress. But there are a lot of positives to early graduation too, and some people, like Haley Leonard, are taking the right steps in order to graduate as a junior.

Haley Leonard is a sophomore at Derry Area High School, who is planning to graduate next year and go to college to work towards her goal of becoming a vet tech. Haley is part of the ag program here at Derry and also regularly attends ag competitions outside of school. 

“My plan after graduating is to attend the Vet Tech Institution of Pittsburgh,” explained Leonard, who also raises and breeds rabbits, poultry, and swine.” “Then I want to get my Vet tech degree and work for a local but yet close to my heart vet office.”

Leonard believes that graduating early will look better on her college application and work resume, but that’s not why she’s graduating early, she has wanted  to do this for a long time and has had some inspiration.

“I believe it will look better on my college application and on my resume for work but that is not the reason why I want to graduate early. I’ve wanted to graduate early since the 8th grade. Dr. Jordan Fairman, who used to work at Lake View Animal Clinic, really inspired me since she helped me a lot during the show season along with her vet tech Britney,” said Leonard. 

“I have always wanted to work with livestock and get my vet tech degree but she inspired me more since Dr. Fairman is an amazing vet tech.”

Leonard has been working very hard to accomplish her goals. 

To graduate early she needs a lot of credits, so she has a big workload in school. She will also be attending some community college classes this summer which will further prepare her for her early graduation.

“I am taking 2 math classes this year, along with taking Ag classes (Vet and Equine Science, along with Ag Science),” explained Leonard. “Not only that but I will be taking two college classes at the community college during the summer.”

Even though Haley has wanted to do this for a long time, there are always going to be some negatives to graduating early, like leaving your family a year earlier, and not getting to experience the full four years of high school. 

Even though these things can hold some people back, Haley thinks that it might be sad to leave early, but she knows that in the long run, this is what is going to get her to where she wants to be, and her family fully supports her.

“My family is 100% supportive of me graduating early and are very proud I am following my dreams in the Ag world.” Haley said. 

“I am a little sad about leaving school a year early but it is what’s best for me and my future. I know deep down inside that I am taking the right steps in my life.”

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Lydia Kiser, Staff Writer
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