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Winter Sports

From Mat to Court to Pool, Discover the Thrills and Benefits of Derry High School’s Varied Winter Sports Lineup

Winter sports are on the horizon, and Derry High School is gearing up to offer an exciting array of options for students. The school boasts three primary winter sports: Wrestling, Basketball, and Swimming and Diving.

Notably, with the exception of volleyball and wrestling, each sport includes a dedicated girls’ team. It’s important to mention that girls have the option to participate in wrestling, although it doesn’t constitute a separate team.

Engaging in winter sports is not just about fun and excitement; it brings numerous health benefits. These activities not only provide an adrenaline rush but also burn calories, build muscle mass, enhance endurance, and improve balance, as highlighted by the “Benefits of Winter Sports.”

Wrestling, acknowledged for its intensity and hard work, stands out as an excellent fitness option. Despite its demanding nature, the sport offers a unique opportunity for participants to work with a familiar partner during drills.

FloWrestling emphasizes that wrestling instills essential life values such as accountability, resilience, the importance of hard work, teamwork/camaraderie, discipline, overcoming failure, effort, and self-discipline.

Basketball, a dynamic and competitive sport, combines running and strategic thinking. The importance of teamwork is underscored, as effective ball passing creates opportunities for scoring. It remains a notable choice for those seeking an engaging winter sports experience.

According to, playing basketball not only fosters strength, coordination, and muscular endurance but also provides the chance to be part of a team and a larger community.

Swimming, another excellent winter sports option, delivers a full-body workout and builds endurance. The low-impact nature of swimming makes it an attractive choice, with swimmers being the least injury-prone among winter sports participants.

“Swimming is something you can do all your life. It is the only sport where a person uses every muscle in their body at the same time, so it is a great way to stay in shape” said Varsity swim coach Mr. Kelly.

“Many athletes use swimming to stay in shape for other sports. PIAA State Wrestling Champion Jimmy Gulibon swam every day during his senior year due to an injury to help heal his body and keep up his strength. Athletes who are not in their season, I highly recommend joining the swim team.”

In conclusion, the diverse winter sports offerings at Derry High School cater to various preferences and fitness goals. Whether choosing wrestling, basketball, or swimming, each sport promises a unique and fulfilling experience for students aiming to stay active during the winter season.

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Devin Ohler is a freshman and is new to The Station writing staff. He plays football, wrestling, and track and field. His hobbies include playing video games, playing with his two dogs, and playing football outside with friends.

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