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The Thin Line Between Fiction and Reality

A Cautionary Tale
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Escape into books, video games, and movies provides a break from reality, often featuring fantastical elements like mythical creatures, advanced tech, or supernatural events. 

The gap between fiction and reality exists because fiction is the product of imagination while reality is the actual state of things as they exist. 

Reading fiction constantly and never altering it with non-fiction books may leave you wishing you were living in the idealized world you are reading about. 

Simply reading fantasy books about worlds that are completely different from ours can engulf you in its fictitious universe. It can ultimately alter your perspective of the world we live in. It can lead to frustration, sadness, or even disappointment. It leads to dissatisfaction with the real world. 

Evidence shows that books and video games can influence perception. Some gamers, immersed in war-themed games, mistook real-life scenarios for in-game situations. Notably, Grand Theft Auto’s influence led individuals to replicate its actions, resulting in harm. 

The author Stephen King who commonly wrote horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels accidentally inspired a school hostage crisis with one of his books. Four shooters drew inspiration from the King Novel. 

This is to not be said that reading is bad for you or reading for pleasure is either. 

Overindulging in imagination can impact emotions, emphasizing the importance of staying grounded.

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Savannah Dascani
Savannah Dascani, Staff Writer
Savannah Dascani is a writer for the Derry Area HighSchool Station. She has many accomplishments, she has been in 6 School concerts, she has performed our Nations Colors at MotoAmerica Motorcycle Racing CG.  She enjoys reading, welding, beekeeping and helping others. She is a local beekeeper in the Westmorland Area. In her free time she enjoys to read and play with her baby brother.

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