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The Station

An Enthusiast’s Dream

A Day at the Air Force Museum

Countdown: 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

During this summer, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Being a kid with a passion for planes and rockets, this experience was a dream come true. The museum featured a wide range of exhibits, spanning from 1900 to the modern day, including the very jet used to transport President John F. Kennedy’s body.

The journey began in the early 1900s, marking the dawn of aviation with the Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk flyer. It also delved into the history of aircraft during World War I, showcasing hot air balloons and the first propeller airplane used during the conflict.

Moving forward, I ventured into World War II, where the museum featured a dedicated section on the Holocaust and the tragic loss of Jewish lives. I explored exhibits related to the Memphis Belle, the aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and marveled at the very first jet plane – an aviation enthusiast’s delight.

The Cold War era was the next stop, offering insights into the B-52 bombers and even an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall. I commenced my journey in the USSR section, examining war-fighting planes, and later transitioned to the American section. Throughout the museum, there were informative sections on the roles of women in various wars, complete with displays of the attire they wore. Notably, the museum housed some former presidential jets, including the one that transported JFK’s body and where Lyndon B. Johnson took the oath of office.

However, my absolute favorite part of the museum was the space exploration exhibit. As I wandered through this section, I encountered vintage spacesuits and even components of a rocket. The highlight was a full-scale space shuttle that visitors could explore and peer inside. The exhibit also boasted the capsule of the Endeavor rocket, making it an exciting space enthusiast’s paradise.

One intriguing aspect of the museum was its proximity to an active Air Force base. Throughout my visit, C-17s frequently soared overhead, offering a spectacular sight of these massive aircraft. In a museum parking lot, F-16s and a C-17 from “Iron Man 2” were on display, a real treat for a dedicated Marvel fan like myself.


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Dacey Nicely
Dacey Nicely, Staff writer
Dacey is a Junior and a second year writer for the Station. She wrote for the Derry Middle school newspaper in the past. She is in the Journalism and Newspaper course with Mr. Curcio. Outside of school, she plays golf for the Lady Trojans golf team. In her free time, she enjoys watching Marvel movies and quoting them whenever she can, Hamilton, and speaking in accents.

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    Carla LairdOct 19, 2023 at 9:22 am

    What a fantastic article by Dacey Nicely. She has posted a few articles that were very well written. I enjoy reading her articles