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The Burdens of Having a Holiday Birthday

Amidst the excitement of the holidays, birthdays can easily go unnoticed. 

Birthdays are the one day each year that is encouraged to be celebrated and showered with attention. However, what happens when your birthday coincides with a holiday? As someone with a birthday the week in the middle of December, I can tell you that it’s a little bit of a letdown. 

With December being a month filled with no shortage of festivities, everyone is in full celebration mode. The holiday excitement can lead to overlooking personal celebrations, such as birthdays. 

Having a birthday during the holiday season doesn’t really show up on other people’s radars because they’re busy with their own celebrations and gifts. I’m not saying this to sound selfish, however, when I see other friends and family members who get “birthday weeks,” yet mine is lost in the shuffle, it stinks. 

Another challenge arises in setting up plans, which becomes nearly impossible when everyone is traveling for the holidays. Moreover, the expenses associated with presents, decorations, and holiday trips often prompt parents to limit birthday gifts in preparation for larger holidays like Christmas, or sometimes, individuals may not receive any birthday gifts.

A survey among British citizens revealed that those born in December are less pleased with their birthday month than any others. Many reported that friends and family were often “partied out” and unable to celebrate, while weather conditions sometimes halted possible party plans.

Cindy Wong from notes that having a December birthday can be a mixed bag. “On one hand, it’s wonderful to celebrate during the festive season, with a sense of warmth and togetherness. On the other hand, it can be challenging to stand out when your birthday coincides with major holidays, possibly resulting in a slight overlap of gifts and well wishes.

So, does having a December birthday add to the fun of the holiday season or take away from the thrill of your special day? Despite the drawbacks, some people love it, considering it double the fun. Being a December baby provides a unique opportunity to create your own special traditions and make your birthday stand out amid the holiday cheer—it’s all about perspective.

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Savannah Dascani
Savannah Dascani, Staff Writer
Savannah Dascani is a writer for the Derry Area HighSchool Station. She has many accomplishments, she has been in 6 School concerts, she has performed our Nations Colors at MotoAmerica Motorcycle Racing CG.  She enjoys reading, welding, beekeeping and helping others. She is a local beekeeper in the Westmorland Area. In her free time she enjoys to read and play with her baby brother.

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