A Sweet Treat


On January 10th, 41 students from the Derry Chapter of FFA left early Monday morning for a school field trip down to Harrisburg for Farm Show- an annual agricultural exposition held every year. They were able to watch the Mid-Winter Convention and shop at the markets to their pleasure.

Similar to a traditional farmer’s market, fruit, honey, maple, clothing, and jewelry stands were set up around the complex. A senior at Derry, Hope Shaulis, said that eating the fried cheese cubes was her favorite part of the day. Close to the market stalls lay a vast food court, famous for its incredible milkshakes. On top of that, a large amount of animals were on display for students’ viewing. Cows, goats, sheep, pigs, even llamas were part of the display for the participants to witness up close. Some vendors put the prepping and showing of their beef cattle on display. New duck hatchlings curiously swam around in the warm tank they were housed in and chickens bustled around their domain.

Another senior on the field trip, Kylie Iscrupe, said that her favorite part of Farm Show was walking across the stage at Mid-Winter Convention to receive her degree. The biggest part of the day was when every student got to watch the actual convention and listen to the state officers’ speeches. Chapters from all across Pennsylvania were in attendance, and many students received their degrees. Nearly 500,000 people attended the 8 day event, according to the Morning Call.

The Farm Show was an incredible experience, especially for those experiencing it for the first time. Any student interested in agriculture is recommended to join FFA and attend. It’s a wonderful combination of fun and a showcase of all the hard work the FFA students have displayed over the course of the past year.