Silence the Screens

We must break the addiction to our lives on the screens and appreciate the life around us.

Silence the Screens

Today’s world has been taken over by screens. Every child, every teen, and every adult has looked, and is probably still looking, at screens. This article is currently being viewed on a screen. Whether it be a television, phone, iPad, or computer, people today are drawn into screens.

Technology has its positives, like being able to shop for clothing and groceries easier and easier communication; however, with these positives also comes negatives, such as stress, eye strain, and isolation.

We get so involved in the world of technology that we sometimes forget the world around us exists. Technology provides us easy entertainment with the short videos and pictures that we easily scroll through, then we scroll to the next, and next, and next. A tiny 2 inch by 4 inch screen opens up a whole new world to us with endless possibilities, but what will happen in the future as technology evolves and we get more addicted to these screens?

Think of the many generations following ours. Will their whole lives to be in a screen? We must break away from the phone, computer, television, and iPad addictions, and learn to slow life down. If we’re constantly worried about the recent posts of friends, sports teams we like, singers, celebrities, etc, we’ll be always distracted from what’s around us, and time will fly by just as the world around us does.

Phones are an easy access to communication with people and checking others’ life updates is okay once a day, but when our screen times go up to more than 9 hours per day, the average screen time of teens in the US, we know it has become an addiction.

The definition of addicted is enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity, which I think applies to our generation involving our phones. There are many things that we could be doing besides worrying about the life our phone has created for us like spending more time with family and friends, going out to eat or to do an activity, exercise, play board games with family or friends, or take up a hobby you’ve been thinking about, like learning a new trick or drawing.

A main factor of a day feeling like a blur is our phones. Take the time and put in the effort to break the addiction to technology and slow life down.