3 things to know for November 21: Mental Health Awareness Event, Fitness Center, Auditions


1. Mental Health Awareness Event

On Saturday evening, the Derry Area cheerleaders played a charity basketball game against the Ligonier Valley cheerleaders to raise awareness for mental health. The boys’ basketball team did their part too as they cheered on the blue and gold. Everyone’s efforts raised nearly $3,000! Thank you to all those who attended, donated, and participated their time and efforts.

2. Fitness Center

Attention all students and student-athletes: You are not permitted to utilize the fitness center without proper supervision from a coach or a teacher. During after-school hours, students must participate in an off-season workout or an in-season practice with coaches.

3. Auditions

Students planning to audition for this year’s musical THE SOUND OF MUSIC should plan to attend a meeting in the high school library on Tuesday, November 22 during homeroom.  Audition materials will be made available at the meeting. If you are unable to attend, please see Miss Croll or Miss Smeltzer on Tuesday afternoon.


Chicken Tender Basket, Baked French Fries, and Warm Garlic Breadstick

Did you know Jell-O used to be “America’s Most Famous Dessert?” Well, now it’s an afterthought. Here’s what happened… 


32 teams will play in the FIFA World Cup, which kicked off yesterday in Qatar. Matches at the event will be played in eight venues across five cities. Unlike previous FIFA World Cups, which are typically played in June and July, the 2022 World Cup is being played in November and December to avoid the intense Qatari summer heat.


We want to apologize to Taylor and all of her fans — especially those who had a terrible experience trying to purchase tickets.

Apologized Ticketmaster after a ticketing debacle this week that made it difficult for consumers to buy tickets to the pop star’s new tour.