3 things to know for November 8: KIND Hours, FACS, Pitt Johnstown


1. KIND Hours

In need of community service hours? Take advantage of the opportunity to earn hours by helping in the KIND Closet November 14-17 from 3:00-5:00 PM. Sign up outside of F318, the KIND Closet room.


Ms. Hower’s 2nd period FACS class please report promptly at the beginning of the period to Mrs. Battaglia’s room E-305 for a brief presentation.

3. Pitt Johnstown

The University of Pitt Johnstown will be here tomorrow (11/9). If you’re interested in meeting with them during homeroom, please sign up via the Guidance Google Classroom.


Bosco Sticks, Creamy Tomato Soup, Goldfish Crackers, and Green Beans

A​ new study adds to a growing body of research showing that ultra-processed foods can lead to premature, preventable death. For those wondering, Kimberly Gomer, MS explains that “Processing takes a food in its natural (home-grown) state and changes it by adding salt, sugar, oil, and additives like chemicals, colors, flavorings, stabilizers, and preservatives. That’s why they have an extremely long shelf life which is attractive to both people and industry.”


Today’s voting day and six states all have critical races will determine control of the Senate, the House and state governments including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. What happens in these states will impact issues like abortion rights, economic policy, education and the climate crisis — not just within their borders, but across the country.


Stop being who you are and doing the things you love.

Says Weird Al Yankovic’s mom in the hilarious biopic parody movie, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which is now streaming on Roku. As per CNN, “Starring Daniel Radcliffe and produced and co-written by Yankovic himself, like its namesake’s songs, it’s at times little too silly, but still energetic and attention-getting enough to help put the easily ignored Roku channel on people’s radar.”