3 things to know for November 7: HR Meetings, Three-Day Week, Veterans Day


1. HR Meetings

Monday: Student Council, Mu Alpha Theta

Tuesday: French Honors Induction Ceremony, Chil-Fil-A Team Meeting, HS Ensemble

Wednesday: CSAY, Jazz Band, FCA, HS WIRC Meeting

2. Three-Day Week

Reminder that this week is a 3 day week as parent/teacher conferences are Thursday and Friday is Veterans Day.

3. Veterans Day

The Derry Area School District will host a Veterans Day event from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, in the middle school cafeteria.

To register, call 724-694-1401, or online at DASD.US.


Hamburger on a WG Bun w/wo American Cheese and Baked French Fries

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Turkey prices and availability may be different this Thanksgiving, thanks to the ongoing spread of bird flu and the ongoing inflation crisis.

Currently, there is a 73 percent increase in the price per pound of an eight to 16-pound turkey, according to data shared by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Right now, an average turkey is $1.99 per pound in 2022, compared to $1.15 in 2021.

TODAY’S NUMBER: $1.9 Billion

A record lottery jackpot is up for grabs Monday night as the jackpot is now worth $1.9 billion, the largest in United States history.



UPS, just try your best to make it right with us.

Says a senior at an El Paso high school after learning that over 50 students may have to take the SATs again – after their tests flew out of the UPS truck transporting them and were lost or destroyed.




Sorry, Mr. Williams.