3 things to know for November 3: Trojan Role Models, French Week, Mock Trial

3 things to know for November 3: Trojan Role Models, French Week, Mock Trial

1. Trojan Role Models

Today is a Group A day. If you are part of Group A you are expected to be at Grandview by 11:00 today. If you are unable to keep this appointment, please see Mr. Sabo ASAP.

2. French Week

French students here at Derry are excited to announce that November 3-9 is National French Week! Throughout the week, French students will be sharing fun French facts around school, participating in the annual Derry Escargot Race, creating a Matisse mural in collaboration with Mr. Sabo’s Art students, inducting new members into the French Honor Society, taking a virtual expedition to the Catacombs of Paris and of course, enjoying some fine French cuisine. Ask a French student today to tell you more about the French-speaking world…and don’t be surprised if they answer you in French!

3. Mock Trial

The mock trial case is due to be posted either today or tomorrow. If you’re still interested in joining the team, please see Mr. Curcio. Practices are Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 in E300.


Chicken Fries Wrap, Carrot & Celery Boat with Ranch, and Dipping Cup

After narrowing it down to some brie-lliant finalists, gruyère was named the world’s best cheese for 2022.

Jeff McIntosh/AP

TODAY’S NUMBER: $1.5 Billion

Powerball jackpot to reach an estimated $1.5 billion

No winning tickets were sold for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing, increasing the jackpot to one of the largest in US history.


The interconnection between human health and planetary health is more evident than ever before.

Said task force chair and outgoing Mars CEO, Grant Reid, insisting that food companies and governments must come together immediately to change the world’s agricultural practices or risk “destroying the planet.”