3 things to know for November 1: IUP, Ads for Grads, Sarris Candy


1. IUP

Representatives from IUP will be here tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2nd in the guidance office. Please sign up through google classroom if you’re interested in meeting with any of them during homeroom. An announcement will be made when the representative is ready and where the visit will be held. Seniors have first seating, followed by Juniors.

2. Ads for Grads

Ads for Grads order forms were mailed home at the beginning of October. Remind your parents they are due by November 18. Extra order forms are outside of Mrs. Bushey’s room.

3. Sarris Candy

Sarris Christmas candy is on sale NOW! Earn 10% of your total order towards your student account. Order form and brochures are outside of Mrs. Bushey’s room.


Spicy Chicken sandwich, Baked French Fries, and Mixed Vegetables

Hurricane Ian destroyed more than just structures in September; it destroyed crops too. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) predicted that Florida will produce 28m boxes of oranges this season, down 32% from the previous season. This would be the smallest harvest since 1943 (Guardian).


Twitter is considering offering verified accounts to users who are willing to pay $19.99 a month for a subscription service, and it may take away the coveted blue check marks of existing users if they don’t start paying for the product within 90 days (CNN).


10 out of 10 of the Hot 100??? On my 10th album??? I AM IN SHAMBLES

Tweeted Taylor Swift after she became the first artist in history to claim the Top 10 slots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US, with tracks from her latest album, Midnights.



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