3 things to know for October 10: King and Queen, Pitt, PEO Star


1. King & Queen

This past weekend, it was announced that the 2022 Homecoming King and Queen were seniors Dom Patrick and Cydney Wierzbowski!

2. Pitt

Representatives from the University of Pittsburgh will be here today during homeroom in the Guidance Office. If you’re interested, sign up through the Guidance Google Classroom.

3. PEO Star

Today is the last day for any Senior girl interested in applying for the PEO STAR Scholarship.


Hamburger w/wo American Cheese and Baked French Fries

After years of hiding his face behind a mask, Dream, a Minecraft YouTuber, finally lifted the mask showing his face to millions.  Fans all over the world are very excited to see the face behind this famous YouTuber.


A recent study showed Chick-fil-A had the slowest fast food lanes — but only because it’s so popular and there are so many cars in line. Taco Bell actually led the pack in the speed of service, with an average time of about 221 seconds, followed by Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC and Arby’s.


I’m more concerned about the security guard that was hurt trying to chase him.

Said Bobby Wagner, after learning that the fan who was tackled by Wagner, has filed a police report for “blatant assault.”