3 things to know for April 11: WCCA, After-School, All-Class Meetings


1. WCCA Scholarship

The Westmoreland County Coaches Association offers scholarships to student-athletes within Westmoreland County. Scholarships of $1000 or more have been granted to high school seniors who participate in high school athletics.  Students can see Coach Smeltzer to pick up an application.  The application must be signed by a coach who is a member of the WCCA.  DA coaches who are members: Smeltzer, Brisbane and Kelly.  They do not have to be YOUR coach in order to sign the application.

2. After-School Program

A reminder that the After-School Program has some new exciting activities for students.  Current Club Activities include…

Mondays:  THEATER ARTS CLUB with Ms. Croll
Tuesdays:  CRAFTING CLUB with Mrs. Harr
Wednesday:  AG-HORT CLUB with Ms. Winklosky
Thursdays:  MINECRAFT CLUB with Mrs. Prato

3. All-Class Meetings

There will be all-class meetings this week at the start of 1st period in the Audion:

  • Tuesday – 9th Grade
  • Wednesday – 11th Grade
  • Wednesday – 10th Grade


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