3 things to know for February 2: Sing-O-Grams, After-School Programs, Trojans Fall

3 things to know for February 2: Sing-O-Grams, After-School Programs, Trojans Fall

1. Sing-O-Grams

The High School Concert Choir is selling Valentine’s Day Sing-o-Grams and lollipops to be delivered February 9th through the 15th. Choir members will set up outside the HS Office during mid-day homeroom and outside the HS cafeteria during Lunch B and C to take your orders. Each sing-o- gram is $5, and each lollipop is $1, cash only.

2. After-School Programs

New activities include:

  • Monday – Theater/Arts Club with Ms. Croll
  • Tuesday – Crafting Club with Mrs. Harr
  • Wednesday – Steam/Ag Hort Club with Ms. Winklosky
  • Thursday – Minecraft Club with Mrs. Prato

Sessions are Monday through Thursday from 3-6. See Mr. Tatone in F316 for a Registration packet.

3. Boys Fall, 84-55

The Trojan basketball team lost to Freeport, 84-55. Tyson Webb led the Trojans with 18 points while Gabe Carbonara added 14. Derry is back on the court tonight as they host the Mt. Pleasant Vikings in an exhibition match-up.


Chicken Nuggets, Warm Garlic Breadstick, Tater Tots, Baby Carrots, Frozen Mixed Berry Fruit Cup or Fresh Fruit, Milk

Home Depot is marketing next-day job offers to attract people who are ready to get working. How workers get more… money?


A corridor of heavy ice accumulation (exceeding a quarter of an inch) is likely from Texas through the Ohio Valley.

A mammoth storm is threatening to paralyze parts of the Midwest and South with ice, snow, dangerously cold temperatures and possible power outages starting Wednesday.

TODAY’S NUMBER: $30 Trillion

That’s theĀ amount of America’s national debt, according to Treasury Department data published yesterday. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted the government to accelerate borrowing to cushion the economic blow from the crisis. The national debt has surged by about $7 trillion since the end of 2019.


Six more weeks of winter is on the way. Punxsutawney Phil made his prediction around 7:25 a.m. ET Wednesday at Gobbler’s Knob.