3 things to know for January 31: HR Meetings, Scholarships, Track Conditioning


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Photo: MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images

1. HR Meetings

  • Yearbook – E305
  • Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy – Library
  • HS Choir – VMR

2. Scholarships

  • NC Scholarships due TODAY, Jan. 31
  • Seed Scholar Program due TODAY, Jan. 31
  • Ultatel Scholarship due TODAY, Jan. 31
  • USDA 1890 National Scholarship due TODAY, Jan. 31
  • USDA 1994 Tribal Scholarship due TODAY, Jan 31

3. Track Conditioning

  • Monday – Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers, 3:00
  • Tuesday – Distance, 3:15; Throwers, 4:00
  • Wednesday – Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers, 3:00
  • Thursday – Distance, 3:15; Throwers, 4:00

These offseason workouts are open to ANYONE interested in coming out for the track and field team. Please meet in the Fitness Center prepared for inside or outside conditioning.


Chicken Patty Sandwich, Side Salad, Baked French Fries, Apple Sauce, and Milk

Super Bowl LVI will be the Cincinnati Bengals vs. the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, February 13th.


These are rules of the road to guide all of our creators — from those we work with exclusively to those whose work is shared across multiple platforms

Stated Spotify CEO Daniel Ek after Spotify announced it is adding a content advisory to any podcast episode that includes discussion about Covid-19. This comes after the streaming service received a flurry of criticism from a number of prominent artists who said they will leave the platform if it continues to host comedian Joe Rogan, whose podcast has spread misleading and inaccurate claims about vaccines and the virus.

Photo: MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images (AFP via Getty Images)


That’s how much Elon Musk offered a 19-year-old to delete his Twitter account that tracks the billionaire’s private jet. Jack Sweeney, the college freshman who runs the @ElonJet account, countered Musk’s offer at $50,000, saying he could use the money for college and maybe a Tesla Model 3.


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