3 things to know for December 6: Scholarships Available, Detentions, Trojan of the Year

1. Scholarships Available

The following scholarships are coming up due: Science Ambassador Scholarship, due 12/13; Burger King Program, due 12/15; Senior Planning Social Work and Eldercare Scholarship, due 12/15; and ACP Memorial Scholarship, due 12/18.

For all scholarships PLUS all relevant information regarding Graduation Requirements, Dual Enrollment, Transcript & Letter of Recommendation Requests, Career & Post-Secondary Planning, EWCTC, Military Service, SAT & ACT Tests, Financial Aid, and the NCAA Eligibility Center… please visit the Guidance Office website.

2. Detentions

Detention Reminders will only be sent via email.  It is YOUR responsibility to check your email.  Failure to attend detention because you did not check your email is not an excuse if you miss your scheduled day and further consequences will apply.  All detention reminders will be sent by the end of the day on MONDAYS.  If for some reason you do not have access to your email, please contact the tech department.

3. Trojan of the Year

Ever since 1927, TIME magazine has announced its Person of the Year, which features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that “for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year.”

We, the writers of The Station, are proud to announce that before Christmas break, we will feature our own “Trojan of the Year.”

The process is simple. We will gather nominees as submitted by you, the students, faculty, and staff of Derry Area High School. Once the poll tomorrow, we will gather all nominees and a reader’s poll will be created. Please know that the poll winner does not decide the selection, but it will help the student writers to make a decision. To nominate someone or something for the Trojan of the Year, please visit the Trojan of the Year page.


Penne Pasta in Meat Sauce, Warm Breadstick, Garden Salad, Sweet Corn, Fruit, and Milk

(CNN) – The Biden administration is expected to announce this week that no US government officials will attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics, implementing a diplomatic boycott of the games, according to several sources.

The move would allow the US to send a message on the world stage to China without preventing US athletes from competing. The National Security Council, which has been privately discussing the boycott, declined to comment.


I thought it was funny that it was seemingly a story this weekend, to be honest with you.

(Yahoo!) – ESPN made some headlines this weekend with a report that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is going to retire, but the story didn’t make Steelers coach Mike Tomlin do anything other than laugh.

Retiring or not, Ben had one of his best games in recent memory, going 21 for 31 with 236 yards and 2 touchdowns… with no interceptions.

Maybe there should be rumors about him retiring before every game the rest of this season?

Photo: MARCA


Bye, bye, Miss American pie.

Taylor Swift’s rerelease of her hit song “All Too Well” has broken the record for the longest song to take the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Swift sent flowers to Don McLean, whose song “American Pie” first set the record when it hit No. 1 in 1972, with a runtime of around 8 minutes and 37 seconds. The new version of “All Too Well,” a part of Swift’s rerelease of her 2012 album “Red,” clocks in at just over 10 minutes.


Frostbit, indeed.