Glad to be Back

Are you happy to be back in person?


As we enter the 2021-2022 there is one noticeable change compared to last year, our students are back. During last school year, the halls felt empty.

While we were in hybrid mode, classes had as little as three students in the classroom. Then when we switched to fully online classes, they were filled with tiny icons and muted mics.

Personally, I am glad to be back in person, but I wanted to know how other students and teachers felt too.

When we started off last school year, I felt isolated from my teachers, and friends. Staring at a screen all day often led me to get distracted or bored although the teachers tried their best.  Attending school in my own room contributed to those distractions; I had the freedom to go on my phone without the teacher seeing or could be interrupted by my cat trying to walk over my computer. With in person school the change of scenery was refreshing but then my bedroom became my classroom. I no longer had a separate space for homework and the days felt long like the work was endless in a space that no longer was mine.

I had not realized how much I had missed school, this being one thing I never thought I would say.

When talking to teachers last year, most described remote learning as “difficult” and “sad.” One noticeable thing last year was the struggle with technology, between the wifi/computer issues and lack of technological knowledge.

“Although I have a technology background,” Mr. Curcio expressed, “nothing can replace in person learning when it comes to human interaction, immediate feedback, and honest teachable moments.”

I can’t imagine how difficult it was at times for teachers as the students also missed human interaction. I remember in my trigonometry class last year Mrs. Croll would ask a question and nobody had turned their mic or spoken up. She said she felt “like nobody was paying attention and was disappointed.” One of my least favorite things about online was breakout rooms. Everyone has had at least one breakout room of awkward silence.

​When we returned to in person learning I am certain to say it was refreshing for all of us.

Remote learning was beneficial for preventing students from getting Covid-19 but not our learning. We are happy to be back, and will do what it takes to stay in person.