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Yuletide Shadows

JonBenet Ramsey and the Unveiling Crime During Christmas Time
Tony Webster
Sheriff’s Line – Do Not Cross – Crime Scene (42017360970).jpg via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

We all know the holidays as a happy, jolly time, with families gathering around the tree, Santa coming down the chimney to bring presents, and indulging in the long-awaited milk and cookies. The white snow on the ground and Mariah Carey finally defrosting—all good things, right?


While the collective narrative predominantly revolves around the warmth and cheer, there exists an often-overlooked undercurrent—crime. Within this shadowy realm, both unsolved cold cases and those swiftly resolved within a mere 48 hours coexist, underscoring the ticking clock detectives face to glean crucial leads.

One of the most famous holiday true crime cases is the JonBenet Ramsey case. Found dead in her family home on Christmas morning of 1996, the 6-year-old beauty queen was beloved by many. However, suspicions arose when her body, originally in the family basement, was discovered in the living room, clad in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, wrapped in a blanket. 

For any investigator versed in crime-solving, the cardinal rule looms large—you can’t move the body.

A ransom note demanding a precise $18,000, mirroring the recent windfall from her father’s promotion at work, added a chilling layer to the narrative. The note’s eerie alignment with the penmanship of her mother’s left hand, her non-dominant hand, further fueled suspicions. A forensic autopsy uncovered a startling detail—JonBenet had consumed pineapple and milk, a popular snack shared with her brother.

Her brother, who is older than her, was angry because she ate his pineapple. People started to believe that Ramsey’s own family was responsible for her murder- and to this day, her killer is still on the run. Her family was never investigated, because who would do this to their own daughter? The allegation that a family could inflict such harm on their own flesh and blood seemed inconceivable. Yet, to this day, the elusive killer remains free, and justice for JonBenet Ramsey remains elusive.

The year 1996 cast a perpetual shadow over the Ramsey family’s Christmas, transforming what should have been a season of joy into an enduring memory tainted by sorrow and unanswered questions.

In reflecting on the tale of JonBenet Ramsey, we are compelled to confront the unsettling reality that even during the most celebratory times, the specter of crime can cast a long and chilling shadow. Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, the darker side of the holiday season serves as a stark reminder that, for some, this time of year bears a weighty burden of tragedy and unresolved grief.

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Dacey Nicely
Dacey Nicely, Staff writer
Dacey is a Junior and a second year writer for the Station. She wrote for the Derry Middle school newspaper in the past. She is in the Journalism and Newspaper course with Mr. Curcio. Outside of school, she plays golf for the Lady Trojans golf team. In her free time, she enjoys watching Marvel movies and quoting them whenever she can, Hamilton, and speaking in accents.

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