A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder


Rating: 3/5 

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is an interesting book about a girl named Pip that lives in a small town called Fairview. After 5 years of closing the case of Andie Bell and her boyfriend, Sal Singh, Pip decided to open the case again for her final year project. Everyone believes that Sal killed Andie and then offered himself from guilt. 

Pip has other opinions.

The plot was fast paced and never lets you down. When the plot twist came up, it was so unexpected, it was crazy.  I couldn’t put it down until I got answers. You can not guess the ending to this book. I tried and failed miserably. It’s a  great quality book and you could understand everything that was going on. This book was never boring.

The writing style felt like you were a detective helping Pip find out what actually happened to Andie. It’s a series of journal entries and includes everything that Pip finds during her investigation, but there are parts where it’s just like a normal book.

All in all I loved this book and I will 100% be reading the sequel, Good Girl Bad Blood. If you love mysteries, plot twists, and a little bit of romance, this book is for you.