¨Red¨ (Taylor’s Version)

A review on Taylor Swift´s new album titled ¨Red¨ (Taylor’s Version).


Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift released ¨Red¨ (Taylor’s Version) on November 12, 2021. Taylor Swift originally released the album Red on October 22, 2012, but Taylor doesn’t own any of the Master recordings of the songs she released when she was still under big machine as her record label. Taylor is rerecording all of her old albums.  She has already re-released ¨Fearless¨ ( Taylor’s Version) back in April of this year. 

The album ¨Red¨ (Taylor’s Version) has a total of 30 songs and a run time of 130.26 minutes. As soon as this album was announced I was very excited for it. The song I was most excited for was ¨All Too Well¨ (10 minute version). I was not let down.  Two songs I really like off the album are titled¨ I Bet You Think About Me¨ and  ¨  The Last Time ¨ featuring Gary Lightbody. But if I had to choose my favorite song off the album  it would be ¨ Nothing New¨ featuring Phoebe Bridgers.  A thing I love about this album is there is a lot of featuring artist. Overall I rate this album 4.5/5  This album has become one of my new favorite albums so if you get a chance I think you should listen to it.