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Letter to My Teenage Self



Sitting here as a twenty-four-year-old woman, there are so many things that I wish I would have known in high school, things I would have done differently. However, every single decision I have made throughout those seven years has gotten me to where I am now, and to be honest, I love my life.

I know you are probably shocked by the statement “I love my life,” but it’s true. You are probably so stressed out about the future and what you are going to major in, where you are going to college, the next sports game, and how your grades are. So take a step back and relax for a little bit, all of these decisions that you’re about to make are going to lead you to where I am now and you’re going to be so thankful for it.

They say that high school is the “best four years of your life” and that you’ll always miss it……but it isn’t and you won’t. Sure, life gets hard and you have to make many big decisions but it gets so much better once you’re out. Soak up the simplicity of high school and how much time you spend playing sports, that’s the only thing you’re going to look back and reminisce on.

I wish I could hug you because I know you need it. I know you question yourself a lot and the decisions that you’re making, so trust yourself. Don’t be afraid of change and don’t think you’re making the wrong decision, with anything. You’re doing so good and you’re creating the life that you dream about. Plus, it’s all only getting started.

I do need you to stop stressing about every single aspect of your life. That’s still our biggest struggle but you are so smart and always do the right thing. You need to trust yourself that things will work because they always do. You’re going to turn into the happiest version of yourself and I cannot wait for you to experience that.

With that, I’ll leave you with a few things. Everything (drama, embarrassing things, lost games, etc.) feels big in high school, but it’s not. No one will remember much of any of it, including you. Step out of your comfort zone and trust your instincts. Your friendships are so valuable, make sure you water them. Be as kind as you can, the world needs more kind humans. And remember to love yourself. You are so amazing, remind yourself of it daily.

You’re doing great, don’t stop doing you.

Love always,

Lauren Felix, Class of ’17

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