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Letter to My Teenage Self

Letter to My Teenage Self

Dear Teenage Maya,

Being well, you, I know that automatically you’re going to want to know everything. Have I accomplished everything you are setting out to do? School, work, sports, relationships – you definitely want me to tell you it all. Sadly, I don’t have enough time, or patience, to write an entire memoir, but there are a few things I wish you could know.

You have so many big dreams, and I really love that about you. I don’t love that we associate our worth with our accomplishments. You are going to fail, so many times! Sometimes you’ll fail up, and sometimes you’ll fail down, but one thing that is consistent is that you will fail. Failing at something does not in turn make you a failure. Everyone who matters will still love you and they will still be proud.

One of your coaches once told you it’s not the act of failing but the reaction to the failure that makes a person. She was talking about soccer, but it applies to life even more. Keep dreaming big, so big that it’s almost impossible to make your dreams come true. Do everything you can because your best is good enough, and it always will be.

So, stop worrying. I know it’s hypocritical of me to say because it is still our biggest struggle, but it really will all turn out fine. Maybe it’s not the life you imagined, but it’s the life that you grew into, and it fits you like a glove. The moment you stop stressing about every little detail will be exactly when you become happier than you’ve ever been, and that attitude will not be ignored. The love and grace you give yourself will return tenfold, it’s something I’m so excited for you to experience.

I want to wrap this up with what I’m going to call the ‘Dear Reader’ section (Swifties in 2023 will understand). Mom and Dad are right about nearly everything; I know you don’t want to hear it but it’s the truth. No one remembers that embarrassing thing you did. You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar, be kind! Love easy and often, but you have to love yourself first. Enjoy what makes you happy whether it’s overrated or over hated. Try new things, the best stuff happens just outside your comfort zone.

It’s a good life, even the hard parts.


Maya Hackman

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