Polar Plunge


New Year’s resolutions are harder to follow than we anticipate. What if I told you that there was a fun, easy resolution that would help others and you only have to do it once?

Let me introduce you to the Polar Plunge.

 ‘The Polar Plunge’ takes place every year on January first in local areas such as Blairsville, Pittsburgh, Erie, and Beaver County. The setup is simple. Participants run or jump into the icy river for the thrill and shock of a lifetime. It costs $20 to do it and all money is donated to Special Olympics or a local family or individual in need of support. 

Participants in this unique event always enjoy it and surprisingly come back year after year.

“It was thrilling,” one participant said. “The cold hits you pretty fast, but once you initially get in the water, your mind tells you that since you’re in already, you might as well just go under for ‘bonus points’. I was surprised at how fun it really was! I told myself not to turn back until I was up to my neck in freezing water and I didn’t regret it at all. I’m definitely going to make this a yearly tradition!”

Though you might not think getting in a freezing cold river is your cup of hot chocolate, rarely do participants complain or regret their decision to participate. 

Many agree that it’s a pretty perfect New Year’s resolution; you’re donating to helping somebody less fortunate, you’re only in the water for a minute, and the exhilaration from doing it is something many people will search for in crazy and dangerous places. And besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have your resolution fulfilled on the first day of the year?

So, if you’re still looking for a 2023 resolution, consider helping a good cause and getting a thrilling experience all in one Polar Plunge. Plus, you can flex a pretty sweet Polar Bear Plunge shirt next week at school!