10 Things You Don’t Know About Christmas: 4-6

I have composed a list of 10 new things and oddities about Christmas that you probably don’t know about but definitely should.


With Christmas approaching quickly, everyone is busy decorating their homes, watching their favorite movies, and partaking in their own unique traditions. The varying staple traditions of Christmas come far and between, so it’s not surprising that people often get a bit bored with the same things. After reading this article series, I hope you will have some new traditions for you and your families to enjoy!

4. Queen Victoria’s Christmas Tree

We don’t often think about where our traditions come from, so I did the thinking for you on this one.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert popularized the decorating and display of luscious evergreens, a tradition that until that point was only popular in Germany. Prince Albert was so tree-crazy that he sent Christmas trees to local schools and army bases so that they couldn’t enjoy the new tradition as well. Now, most homes couldn’t imagine Christmas without their tree, so next time you look at your tree this holiday season, know who to thank for by far one of the most popular Christmas traditions. 

5. Tallest Tree

On the subject of trees, the tallest Christmas tree ever was a 221 ft. Douglas Fir displayed at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle in 1950. The enormous evergreen cost $19,000 in 1950, which amounts to a whopping $185,000 today. None have come close to matching the sheer massiveness of this tree in the last 70 years. Imagine how long it took them to decorate it!

6. A Hallmark Christmas

The iconic Hallmark Christmas movies are often shot in the summer in order to be finished in time for the holiday season. Because of this, they often lack the winter wonderland needed for their level of cheesy, holiday romance. Though you might not expect it, snow can be really expensive! For the snow on the ground, Hallmark often uses paper products as a substitute, but as for fallen snow, each movie only ever has one snow scene, usually when the main characters finally confess their love for one another (awwww). 

If you missed it, here’s #1-3! Coming tomorrow… #7-10.