HERstory of… Yelena Belova

The second, and final, Black Widow.


At age 15, Yelena Belova was chosen as a candidate to become the new Black Widow, because Natasha Romanova was no longer loyal to Russia. She trained in the Red Room, where all Widows are trained. She was eager to prove herself better than Natasha, and establish the sole title of Black Widow. Yelena was told her whole life that Natasha was her sister.

She meets Natasha-again- when she returns to Russia to bring down the Red Room. They’re in Yelena’s house when Natasha shows up. Natasha knows Yelena’s in there, so she might as well just show herself. Natasha asks her, “So, are we gonna talk like grownups?”

Is that what we are?

Natasha tells Yelena of her idea to bring down the Red Room, and in order to do that, she needs her help along with their dad, Alexi, who is the Red Guardian and basically Russia’s version of Captain America, and their mom, Melina.

They start off by breaking Alexi out of Seventh Circle Prison, with Yelena in charge of flying the helicopter. And Yelena doesn’t stay with flying the helicopter- instead, Yelena is protecting her sister.

The truth rarely makes sense when you omit key details.

They then go off and find Melina. They find Melina at their old home, using pigs as science experiments. Natasha tells them of their plan when Melina tells the sisters that they aren’t actually sisters. Yelena doesn’t believe it, and Natasha says, “It wasn’t real.”

The group was found at the home in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Yelena was taken back to the Red Room. Natasha and Melina have masks that change faces, and the duo sneak in and save Yelena.

After saving Yelena, they try to give the rest of the training Widows their memory back, and they help bring down the Red Room. She then helps women suspected to be in trouble, which is when Yelena blips. Yelena finds out Natasha had sacrificed herself for the soul stone at the Battle of Humanity, the fight between Thanos and the Avengers. She’s sent out to assassinate Clint Barton, the man responsible. She didn’t know that Natasha chose to sacrifice herself until Barton told her.

I loved her so much.