My Top Artists of 2021

These is my top 5 artists this year from Spotify Wrapped.


Source: N.Y. Times

Throughout this year, music has been one of the few things in life that’s been there to comfort me. Even in the worst days, I can put on some of my favorite songs and feel much better about the world around me. Because of that, I will share with you the artists that I listened to most and made this awful year easier to get through.


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An underground rap God, his rhyme schemes and flows were unmatched and his music is timeless. In albums like Operation Doomsday  and Madvillainyhe displayed those abilities to the fullest with lyricism that has so many creative lines he was able to make every second of a track enjoyable to listen to, and whether it was producing or writing his talents always showed through. Sadly, he was taken away last Halloween at just 49, but his legend will forever live on.

Favorite Album: Madvillainy

Favorite Song: Rhinestone Cowboy

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4. Nirvana

Nirvana is one of the greatest and most influential bands of all-time. Don’t believe me? Ask all the people you see at school daily with a Nirvana shirt on, half of whom couldn’t even name 3 songs they made. Although today they are seen as a fashion symbol, they were a very serious and important band, popularizing Grunge with their 1991 album Nevermind and influencing countless bands that came after. Their greatness came through their abrasive production and the raw, emotional lyrics of Kurt Cobain, as he wrote a lot about personal problems with fame and addiction, and despite just 3 albums him and the became cemented in history for their achievements.

Favorite Album: Nevermind

Favorite Song: In Bloom

3. Tame Impala

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Tame Impala is one of the best and most talented artists of the 2010s. The leader, Kevin Parker, creates all the backing instrumentals and the vocals too, and because of it he creates music that can be only described as his. He has very atmospheric and melancholic music that feel sometimes like slower versions of classic genres. Many of his songs deal with love and loneliness, especially on his 2 best albums: Lonerism and Currents. He still has much more time to create music and so far he’s creating a great legacy for himself

Favorite Album: Currents

Favorite Song: The Less I Know The Better

2. Metallica

Source: Discogs

The kings of the Metal genre, Metallica have been one of the best bands alive for almost 40 years. In the 80s, they solidified themselves as the greatest thrash band ever with Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets back to back, and in the 90s their self-titled sent them to the mainstream, where they became one of the most popular bands in the world. Their music is packed full of energy and aggression, and the dark lyrics by main singer James Hetfield matched it well. Their music is timeless and sounded just as great in 1986 as they do in 2021.

Favorite Album: Ride The Lightning

Favorite Song: For Whom The Bell Tolls

1. David Bowie

Source: Discogs

I firmly believe David Bowie is the greatest artist in music history. With 26 albums, the amount of diversity in his discography is almost inconceivable and he could be the most influential artist of all-time. His peak was in the 70s, where he created most of his greatest albums like Hunky dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and Station to Station, an album he didn’t remember making because of his cocaine addiction. After seeking recovery, he made Low and Heroes, 2 more masterpieces before selling out in the 80s and making music on and off for the next 35 years. In 2016, his final album Blackstar came out and 2 days later he succumb to cancer he’d been battling throughout the making of it, and it was one of his best works. He was a Starman who returned to the sky, and the music world was shaped by his hands.

Favorite Album: Station to Station

Favorite Song: Heroes