Frigid Waters


Photo from HGTV

The dark, gloomy forest is even more eerie now that the sun is setting.

The overwhelming sense of fear is slowly washing over them as the notion of having no clue where they are sets in.

The howl of a wolf snaps them out of their thoughts, four more howls joining in with the first wolf’s howl.

Eyes wild as they spun around, trying to figure out which direction the daunting howls came from. Stumbling as their fast movements ceased; Doing everything in their power to listen to the suddenly quiet forest. The chilling silence after the howls disappeared would have sent goosebumps up their spine if they weren’t already there.

Their head spinning with questions as the darkness fully enveloped them, the only light being the small slices of the full moon; The slices that could be barely seen through the thick branches of the oak trees. Their whole body freezing as they realized the wolves could be right behind the tree. A snapping of a branch sending them into a panic induced mania; Their mind telling them to run before they could even fully comprehend the snap of the branch.

Running so expeditiously fast until the land beneath their boot covered feet was gone.

Wind whipped around them as they were suddenly falling into the air; Everything in their body freezing momentarily as they plummeted into the frigid depths of some body of water. Kicking and struggling against the herculean current until their hands finally grabbed onto some kind of tree branch.

Head finally coming above the surface, a large fear filled gasp leaving their lips as they clung onto the branch.