Christmas Gifts for Cats



Photo: Today Show

Here are some gift ideas for your cats; they should be purr-fect gifts, get these purr-esents now before Santa Claws comes!

  1. Laser Pointer- A cool little advanced toy for cats to play with, all you need to do is point the laser on the ground and watch your cat stay active and play.
  2. Cat treats- pretty simple, cats like treats
  3. Cat hammock- I never knew these actually existed until I saw more than +1000 types of cats hammocks on Amazon, and some look really nice and comfy for cats
  4. Collapsible cat tunnel- These are really good for cats because they can use their natural exhibit behaviours with the little jungle gym tubes
  5. Grooming toy- These are self grooming toys for cats to play with and rub their fur on to get rid of loose cat hair, much easier than brushing your cat of going to the groomer
  6. Festive collars- You could get Halloween or Christmas collars; it would look cute on them
  7. Catnip- Another treat for your cats – they go crazy for catnip
  8. New food bowls- You might need to replace their old bowl with a newer one, you never know.
  9. Running water cat bowl- This is a need! It encourages cats to drink more water, most water bowls are just bowls of water than can build of bacteria and dust, running water is much better.
  10. Scratching post- for cats nails, so they don’t scratch your couch.

Get these cat gifts right meow!