With Grace: Anti Bullying

I had enough with bullying! Do you? Well, let’s put an end to bullying once and for all! Bullying is getting extremely ragged and what’s worse is, a multitude of people are enabling it! It makes me feel disgusted!


We shall stand together to stop bullying! We are substantially tired of slapping, kicking, punching, shoving, name-calling, etc. We all need to keep our hands to ourselves and say positive words! Replace the dreadful with the admirable. 


We shall all stop the bullying by reporting it to someone who we can trust, walk away when it works, confront the bully if it works, and separate the bully from their victim! Most of the time, confronting and walking away does not work. 


Oftentimes, bullying can happen online. Be highly careful with what you post, block the bully, report the bully, or keep your parents or guardians up to date about your online activities. 


When you are a victim of bullying, you will feel crushed deep inside or feel petrified to get out of your room. You ought not to let those bullies get to you. Acquire the help you absolutely need.