With Grace: Healthy Ways vs. Unhealthy Ways to Deal with your Anxiety

Today we are discussing the extremely healthy ways to considerably unhealthy ways to deal with your anxiety.


The healthy ways to cope with your anxiety are thinking of your happy place, taking deep breaths, listening to music, walking your dog, spending time with your family and friends, playing games, painting or drawing, watching a movie, and noting down in your journal how you feel.


The unhealthy ways to cope with your anxiety are overthinking putrid incidents that are likely to occur, banging your head against the wall, hitting yourself with a book or pillow, calling yourself names, blustering someone else, isolating yourself from others, and abusing drugs or alcohol. 


We all have these days we are feeling highly terrified for a certain reason and we don’t know how to cope with it. It is okay to cry, remember we’re not perfect, we make mistakes, and we’re all human. It is okay to attain help from someone you profusely trust; will be willing to use their listening ears and help you.