The Amazing Nurse Angus


Derry Area nurse, Wendy Angus, works round the clock to make sure her school stays safe and healthy by putting her kids’ needs first during the ongoing covid pandemic.
Prior to COVID, her day would start in her office looking over emails or attending morning meetings.

Now, her typical routine has done a full 180.

Angus’s day starts before she even leaves her house thanks to the new 3CX phone system that was installed during the pandemic. Phone calls start flooding in before she steps foot in the building with questions from concerned parents. At no point throughout the day does the phone stop ringing.

During the interview with Mrs. Angus, it was clear to see how hard she works. The phones never stop ringing, and kids constantly come in and out of the office.

Quarantining, contact tracing, and never ending phone calls take place on top of all the responsibilities that filled her job position prior to the pandemic. While she doesn’t have nearly enough help, she finds herself working closely along with Grandview nurse, Kim Long, due to the fact she feels that she is the “only one who truly understands.”

Angus tries to find a positive outlet wherever she can. She tries to avoid getting caught up in all the negativity that surrounds her but knows it can be a real challenge for students. Angus expressed how the hardest part of her job is seeing the impact the pandemic has on the students. With quarantine orders being handed out left and right, it is hard for students to keep a positive outlook on the situation when activities are being shut down, ways of learning are evolving, and standards for social interaction are constantly changing. Angus expressed how she can see the clear toll it is taking on kids of all ages.

Standards in the world are changing to fit COVID confides just as the position of school nurse has changed drastically.

While some things are turning “back to normal,” Angus doesn’t think her job position will. She hopes for improvement with her schedule and duties, but doubts it will ever return to pre covid times.

With the whole country reaching a point of frustration over the pandemic, Angus asks for everyone to do their part. She asks that the students wear their masks correctly, be honest about how you are feeling before entering the building, but also embrace the positive opportunities that present themselves to you during these pressing times. She encourages everyone to find positive outlets just like she does.

The light at the end of the tunnel may not be visible to her, but she likes to keep hope and believe that there is one.