Zumba for Prom

Zumba for Prom

This past Saturday, the class officers helped organize a Zumba fundraiser to raise money for prom this year in the auxiliary gym. 

For those wondering, Zumba is a fitness dance workout that uses interval training to be effective. Interval training is a type of exercise that involves high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. 

“It’s a fun way to help with mental and physical fitness,” said Mrs. Kemmerer, who has been teaching Zumba classes for four years.

Mrs. Kemmerer has been doing zumba for 13 years and has been going to zumba classes since she was a student. She says that if she didn’t become a zumba instructor, she would still attend the classes.

“Zumba is such a fun way to stay fit, so the fundraiser was a win-win situation for us,” said Mrs. Kemmerer.

Zumba has great health benefits like being great for weight loss and boosting heart health.  It’s also known to improve your coordination and relieve stress. Going to Zumba frequently can help with weight loss and can also be a very good way to make yourself feel better. Research says that 40 minutes of Zumba a day can help you lose up to 370 calories. 

“Zumba has dancing and cardio for the people who do it,” said Sawyer Newhouse.

Going to the Zumba fundraiser was a great success and faculty members and students all had fun raising money. In total, the fundraiser raised $302 that will go towards the funding for prom this year. 

“I planned the event myself with help from my fellow class officers it was really fun. I think everyone who participated enjoyed it. ,” said Cydney Wierzbowski.

“We had an opportunity to promote and share our Zumba classes while helping to raise some money for the prom.”