Gone (Part Two)

This was a two-part series. Part one was published last week.


Milan’s hands immediately raised to cover his eyes, as confusion and concern overheated his system.

Milan’s hand slowly uncovering his eyes as they squinted, there was a bright sun beating down on him. The heat, unbearable. Questions filling his head as to why it was instantaneously bright. The birds around were singing their songs as always, different sounds from nature reminding Milan that it was somehow no longer night. Milan turned his head to look back at the house, doing a double take when he realized the house was gone. The brick building that once sat in that spot was now only rubble.

“What the-” Milan started but a loud voice cut him off.

A voice practically screaming his name. Milan turning his head to see Safija running towards him.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” The girl practically screamed, anger radiating off of her.

“Here? Where else would I be?” Milan responded, confusion on his face as he looked at the girl. Milan looking back at the rubble.

“For eight hours????” The girl scoffed.

“What could you have been doing here? For eight hours.” The brunette spoke, Milan did a double take as he looked at her. Eyes widening.

“Eight hours?” Milan responded with copious amounts of skepticism as he looked at Safija. 

“You’ve been gone for eight hours you blundering idiot!” Safija spat, annoyance all over her face as she looked at him.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t already know that.” She added, a knowing look going on her face.

Milan’s mind was racing with so many questions. Where had he been? There was no way he had been in the house for eight hours. Why was the house suddenly gone? Why was it all rubble? What had happened when he walked out of the home? What had happened when he walked into it? He had so many questions but no answers.

None at all.