No Halcyon (Part Two)

This was a two-part series. Part one was published last week.

No Halcyon (Part Two)

Before reading part two, read Part One

Adela was now painfully aware that she hadn’t succumbed to the weather, turning her head; Her neck flaming in response. As she turned her head she heard the noise again and another and another. Smaller, quieter. Maybe it was some loose change hitting something from the wind. The possibility of money got her attention, if there was money there had to be some kind of store or shelter close by.

Her legs sped up and though her body cried for a moment of stillness, she kept walking. Fighting the urge to sit on the nearest bench, Adela brushed her snow-covered hair out of her face. Regretting the action as soon as she had done it. Her face froze from where her fingers touched, the gloves she wore had holes in them. Making them do little to nothing to keep her warm. Her face burned where her fingers had touched. Making her face unbelievably colder.

Adela fought every urge she had to sit on the snow-covered benches. Pushing herself to follow the sound. As she walked, she realized she had found a town. Small street lamps lining the small brick buildings around. Though the lights were extremely dim and mostly covered in the icy snow, it did make it easier for Adela to see the shops around her. Adela would’ve tried getting into a shop but the snow on the ground was so high she knew the doors to the shops wouldn’t be able to open. Adela continued walking, trying not to give up what little hope she had, paying attention to the sound she had heard.

As she got closer she could’ve sworn it sounded like a cat. Adela turned down an alleyway quicker than she should have, losing her balance as she did so. Her glove-covered hand hitting the brick wall of one of the shop buildings as she tried to stable herself.

Then she heard it again.

The noise sounded like a loud meow. Adela’s eyes fell on the puff of black fur on the snow-covered ground. It was tiny and if Adela hadn’t looked in that specific spot she wouldn’t have noticed it at all. A thousand things hit Adela like a truck.

First, the inside of the alleyway was surprisingly sheltered from the weather but it wouldn’t be for long. The snow would build up soon. Second, the kitten could not have been more than a few weeks old, judging by the size of it and the baby fuzz. It would take a couple of miracles for the baby to survive. Third, she was cold. Adela thinking about it, made her shiver more.

Crouching down, Adela tried to get a better look at the kitten but as she did so her body gave out, collapsing next to the kitten. She didn’t know if it was from the exhaustion of all the walking or if it was because of the freezing temperature but she was worried either way.

The meowing from the kitten silenced as Adela came into view. Adela decided to reach out, unzipping her jacket slightly so she could put the kitten into it. Hoping that would warm the small kitten. The inside couldn’t have been too much warmer than the outside but the kitten seemed convinced otherwise. It darted straight into Adela’s jacket, whole body shaking from the small breeze that made it into the alley. Adela couldn’t help but laugh. Realizing she could freeze to death in the alleyway with a stray kitten. The laugh turned into a cough and the cough turned into a croak.

Curling herself around the tiny ball of heat; Though not much, it offered quite a shock for Adela’s system. Her thoughts grew slightly warmer as she tried to focus her mind on the heat from the kitten. Though her eyes were slowly fluttering shut, the freezing weather made her watering eyes basically scream in pain. Adela no longer was able to force her eyes to stay open.

As they slowly shut, all thoughts left her mind as she let the exhaustion take over.

“Adela,” whispered a voice.

Adela not knowing how long it had been since she had fallen asleep but she was sure it had been a while. A light was shining through her eyelids, making her groan slightly from how bright the light had to be. Adela knew the storm must have passed if she could see the sun.

“Adela honey, it’s time to get up for school,” spoke the voice again, louder this time.

Making confusion go on Adela’s face. School? How was it time for school, it shouldn’t have been time for school? Who was even talking to her? So many questions were in Adela’s mind as she opened her eyes and sat up. Adela then realized she was in her room with her mother looking at her with a slightly concerned look. 

“You okay hun?” Her mother spoke, putting the cup of warm tea on Adela’s nightstand.