3 things to know for September 27: All-Class Play, Jurica Leads, Tennis


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1. All-Class Play

The all-class play is Whole Latte Love and will be performed November 18 & 19.

2. Jurica Leads

Hunter Jurica is at the top of the leaderboard after the first round of the WPIAl AA Individual Finals at Hannstown Country Club with a 74. Ashton Beighley also advanced to the final field of 40 players with an 83.  This year the format for the WPIAl Individual Golf Finals has players playing 36 holes in order to advance to the PIAA Tournament at Penn State.

3. Tennis

Derry Area defeated Greensburg Salem, 4-1 to improve the team’s overall record to 5-2 overall.


Chicken nuggets with macaroni and cheese and peas.

Netflix’s “Jeffery Dahmer Story” is getting a lot of backlash from the victim’s families and fans. A relative of Errol Lindsey, one of the killer’s victims, called the show ‘harsh and careless.’


The US Congress negotiators set nearly 12 billion USD in New Ukraine aid sources. It would include 4.5 billion to provide defense and 2.7 billion to continue military and intelligence.


Depp and Rich’s chemistry is off the charts.

Us Weekly shared the news of Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich’s newfound love. Joelle Rich is Johnny’s lawyer, and they turned their professional relationship into something more after Rich represented him in court.