Why Theater Is Important

This is why theater is one of the most beneficial experiences that a high school person can have.

Why Theater Is Important

Theater is one of the most influential art forms that has stood the test of time and has become something that has been ingrained into popular culture. However, as popular as musical theater is, it is viewed by many as a frivolous pastime with no real substance. This article is to argue against this sentiment and answer the simple question of why is theater even a thing. 

To quote Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, these are a few of my [favorite] reasons:

First, theater can help people learn about different perspectives on life and how it’s lived or be able to relate to a character’s situation. There are so many different life experiences people live through, and many people have a very limited understanding of what life is. This understanding is, unfortunately, full of assumptions and stereotypes. Theater can really dive deep into people’s psyche through songs and dialogue with the goal actually feeling emotions by the way the lines are delivered and the way the actors move around on the stage. 

A new meaning to “that scene really moved me,” if you catch my drift.

Secondly, being part of a theater production can help someone have something they belong to. Whether you decide to be on the stage crew, part of the ensemble, or the main lead, being part of a theater production takes many people to function together for it to be the best it can possibly be. The best part of this is that anyone who wants to can. Theater is, most of the time, a big happy family who will do anything to support anyone with anything that they are struggling with, and it really feels like you belong there. When you get the final show, it feels amazing seeing all of your hard work pay off for all of the people who came to watch the show. 

As a sidenote, support the arts – we all appreciate it.

Lastly, theater can help people become more creative and express themselves in new ways. In theater, you have to be able to express yourself through your character, and for some people, that takes a lot of effort to learn how. It also allows people to be really creative in an improv theater situation, where everything is being made up as time goes on. This can lead to you being able to think more quickly and creatively about things. 

I hope this article helped you, at least in part, helped you realize that theater is much more than just a simple frivolity and has quite a few actual benefits.