Back to School… Relax.


With the 2022-2023 school year just beginning, it feels as if we blinked and summer was just over.

The beginning of the school year comes with introductions to new courses, waking up earlier, harder classes, being more social than we were over the summer, and simply jumping back into the school year as if we never left. These are all examples of common stressors for students in September, which is why it’s important to acknowledge that no one is alone.

The weight on a student’s shoulders almost can seem to grow as the first couple of weeks go by, constantly thinking about assignments, expectations, and goals we feel we must meet. This especially applies to Juniors and Seniors, as they have their future approaching. This weight carries every day, and it can sometimes feel as if we are alone, and the only ones experiencing this burden.

Every student is experiencing some type of stress when it comes to school. Every teacher has had the high school experience and has made the same decisions students are making today. It should not be a fear to acknowledge this weight, stress, and thoughts. If anything, it should be discussed more.

This stress is not only mental, but it can show itself in physical ways as well. It is expressed in an adrenaline rush, quick breaths, and an increased heart rate. If you let the thoughts grow and don’t know how to properly handle stress being displayed physically, it can have serious long-term effects. Some ways to cope with stress include: calling a friend, journaling, going for a walk, drawing, and just simply taking the time to breathe. If in a situation where stress is physical, a deep inhale and a deep exhale are beneficial coping methods.

There have been studies to prove that singing can help relieve stress. A 2017 study measured the amount of the stress hormone, cortisol, in participants’ saliva before and after they sing. It was shown that the abundance of the hormone reduced after singing, leading to the conclusion that singing can be a stress reliever. This is possible because when you sing, you have to extend the breaths you take, unintentionally breathing deeply.

These coping methods are beneficial to know as we continue the 2022-2023 school year when stress comes our way. There will be a time when you feel anxious and stressed, so it is important to be informed of the ways to relieve it and calm yourself.