What’s New in the Gaming World?

With video games further developing in quality as the years pass, new additions to the gaming world are able to dazzle long-time franchise fans.


The Elder Scrolls VI

From the game developing team Bethesda, the continuing Elder Scrolls franchise is alleged have yet another game in the making. Since their first release, Arena, in 1994, the line of games gained fame and acclaim among video game enthusiasts. Over the course of 17 years, they’ve released five more games, with the catalyst being the 2011 release Skyrim. Beyond that release, though, no new games have emerged, with the developers instead electing to work on unrelated projects. Though Bethesda did release a small teaser regarding the sixth installment, it only shows a small glimpse of the world players will soon be able to explore. Those who enjoy the books and games alike are continuing the buzz, and fans around the world are awaiting updates.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Part 2

Though younger generations may not recognize this game immediately, I’m almost positive that their parents have heard of the everlasting game series that is Final Fantasy. With the franchise’s 95 games, 2 animes, and 5 movies, it’s pretty hard to miss. The crown for one of the series’ most popular games rests upon the 7th final fantasy, starring a cocky soldier named Cloud. Regardless of story, however, the installment was first released on January 31, 1997, when video game graphics weren’t exactly pixel perfect. For this day and age, the graphics are rough, but that doesn’t negate that the initial release was hugely hyped for kids and teens alike. On April 10, 2020, Square Enix, the developers of Final Fantasy, decided to release a remake of this beloved game with boosted graphics while remaining true to the original story. Rumors speak of a second part for the recreation coming out in 2024.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

A multicultural phenomenon, The Legend of Zelda’s charm captured hearts across the world since its first installment in ’86. With a total of 27 different games, all of which including three consistent main characters, the franchise runs strong in its magic and popularity. Breath of the Wild, in particular, swept American consoles with its release to the Nintendo Switch onn March 3, 2017. The popular open-world rpg is said to be given a sequel, with an entirely new map to explore and new mechanics to employ. Old and new fans alike are excited to return to the world of Link and Zelda, with higher-quality graphics and a brand new world to discover.