3 things to know for April 8: Fundraiser, After-School, Scholarships


1. Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser

Help Support the National Business Honor Society this Saturday by enjoying some Chick-Fil-A at the Eastgate Plaza location in Greensburg. Remember you must tell them you are there to support the Derry NBHS when you place your order.

2. After-School Programs

A reminder that the After-School Program has some new exciting activities for students.  Current Club Activities include…

Mondays:  THEATER ARTS CLUB with Ms. Croll
Tuesdays:  CRAFTING CLUB with Mrs. Harr
Wednesday:  AG-HORT CLUB with Ms. Winklosky
Thursdays:  MINECRAFT CLUB with Mrs. Prato

ALSO, A BRAND NEW CLUB OFFERING:  We are starting a High School Environmental Club beginning in April.  If you have an interest in Environmental issues, stop to see Mr. Tatone in F316 for more details.  The Eco-Action Club will partner with Ranger Jean from Keystone State Park.  Join the Eco-Action Club just in time for Earth Day!

3. Scholarships Due Soon

Many LOCAL scholarships are coming due! These are your best opportunities to win a scholarship.

  • 4/18 – Deno Castelli Charitable Scholarship – Amount to be determined
  • 4/20 – Amanda Piantine Memorial Scholarship – Must be a Senior CTC student and in the Technical National Honor Society – $500; Derry Area High School Class of 1968 Scholarship – $500; Joseph Michael Bundy Memorial Scholarship – Must be a Senior athlete in Cross Country or on the Track Team – $1000
  • 4/22 – Cathy Cobes Dennis Scholarship – $150; DAEA Dollars for Scholars – Preference of seniors pursing teaching – $1000; Greg Dorn Memorial Scholarship – Seniors that plan on a career in the Science Field, and this is the last year this scholarship will be offered – $150; Richard L. Sweeney Scholarship – $100; Ryan Kemp Memorial Scholarship – Seniors that have participated in high school wrestling – $1200


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