Letter to My Teenage Self

Letter to My Teenage Self


As a twenty-year-old woman, I often think about things I could’ve done differently or things I should’ve done, but most importantly, advice I wish I would’ve taken a lot sooner.

If I could tell you anything, it would be about self-image and worth.

The number of Instagram likes doesn’t show how much you are cared about, or how pretty you are compared to the girl who doubled your likes.

The way you talk to yourself really does matter and should set an example for young women around you. It’s so easy to look in a mirror and pick yourself apart, compare yourself to the unrealistic filters you see on social media, to strip yourself of all love and confidence…but for what? This is one of the biggest things I have ever struggled with, and to this day I still am trying to improve on.

It’s time to be unapologetically you, because your so called ‘flaws’ are what make you perfect.

Following this is the self-worth views on the world and life.

I wish I could’ve told myself in high school that I don’t have to settle in life. I don’t have to play it safe when it comes to my dreams, and as a matter of fact…I wish I would’ve pushed myself outside my comfort zone more.

I used to always roll my eyes whenever people said anything relatively motivational, inspiring, or about dreams…just because I didn’t have a good view on myself that it transferred to my views of life. It was as if I was allowing myself to feel stuck, negative, and play it small in life. However, I cannot travel back in time to tell myself that I am worthy of everything I desire in life.

Please don’t be afraid to risk it all for a dream, grow in uncomfortable situations, and acknowledge that yeah, you are beautiful. I encourage you to please have faith in yourself – you’re capable of the most amazing things and yes, you’re worthy of it all.

Overall, want the absolute best for yourself… you deserve it.