Movie Review: The Children

Photo: IMDB

Photo: IMDB

I remember watching this movie as a kid thinking it wouldn’t be too bad, but it ended up being a little too gruesome and scary for a holiday-themed movie. The movie’s run time being 1hr 25m, and since the movie is a British film, it’s hard to get a clear box office number. However, the movie was at tenth in the UK, grossing  £98,205 at around 132 cinemas.

The Children is directed by Tom Shankland, the music is produced Stephen Hilton, and story is created by Paul Andrew Williams. The movie is about this family coming together for Christmas vacation at an English estate, all set for Christmas winter fun for family bonding. When they arrive, one child gets sick and then all of the children start exhibiting strange behaviors. The adults don’t realize it until it’s too late, then it starts escalating from there.

I’ll admit, they’re aren’t too many festive things in this horror movie; after all it is about children getting infected (or wonk) and going on a murder spree. Overall, it’s a pretty good movie in a unique way; I just remember watching it and getting scared so I’ll probably watch it again.

I would recommend watching this movie during Christmas break – and you should too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!