Steelers are still alive.

A few weeks ago, I said the Steelers were done. Well, that didn’t age well.


Photo: WTAE

The division win against the Ravens was huge for the Steelers. Steelers took down the Ravens, who are at the top of the Steelers division, in yet another close game. The Steelers have had many close games this year, like the game against the Lions (tie), the Vikings, and the Chargers. If they would have come out on top in those three games, they would have a wildcard spot today. Good for the Steelers though considering the Bengals and Browns keep losing as well.

The Steelers play the Browns and Ravens the last 2 games of the season, considering they have been swept by the Bengals, they need to win both of those games. They just won against the Titans, and they play the Chiefs, which is this weekend (if it doesn’t get moved).

The season isn’t over. This is looking to be the last stretch of games for Ben Roethlisberger. It should be exciting (and frustrating) – but that’s Steelers football 2021. 

Here we go.