With Grace: Pros and Cons of Anger

We all have these days where we get extremely angry for certain reasons.

With Grace: Pros and Cons of Anger

The pros of anger are letting someone know how you feel, resembles a vigorous indication of unfairness and unkindness, stimulates positive action, discharge is extremely calming, promotes survival, energizes us, and promotes us to solve problems.

The cons of anger are fueling aggression. It can induce distorted thinking, can get highly violent, permanently destroy your relationships with those close to you, take a negative impact on your health, be the cause of depression, too much energy, and can lead to serious consequences.

The causes of anger are rude people, losing your patience, unappreciation, and injustice. Other causes can include memories of traumatic events and worrying about personal conflicts. 

What you can do to cope with your anger is thinking of your elated place, listening to music, going for a walk with your dog or with a friend, watching your favorite show or movie, screaming in your pillow, taking deep breaths, talking to someone you trust, and count to 10. 

If you rather not talk about it, it’s cool, don’t talk. Remember, always let love lead the way, be a light to one another, and realize violence is never the answer. Attempt to stay calm.

Realize this… Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, and we’re human.