Movie Review- Klaus


Klaus was made in 2019, it’s a family/comedy christmas movie about the origins of Santa Claus. The initial release date was november 9, 2019. i remember watching the movie with my family in my dad’s room and the movie was really good. To be honest it’s not really another remake of santa claus or rudolph, it’s kind of original and seems like it’s creating the origin of santa claus and how it began to become its own thing.

So, this postman who just finish academics, his name is jesper. He one day delivers mail to an abandoned house in the forest, who he meets a man named klaus, who used to make little toys. Then they work together to make toys for children and such. like I said before the film tries to create the origins of how Santa Claus became a thing in a unique way, I really like how the movie is portrayed like that.

Overall in my opinion it does good to be a comedy but also a tear-jerking movie, also along the lines being a heart warming film to watch with your family and friends. I recommend definitely watching this christmas movie before the holiday is over, which is coming up very quickly, make sure to watch it soon or whenever. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!