Movie Review- Krampus

A spooky horror movie in Christmas?!


I feel like most of us, at least, got the saying, “If your naughty during Christmas time Santa will give you coal.”

Maybe even the old folklore of anti- Santa.

The film is based off of Alpine folklore about a weird horned demon figure, named Krampus. The demon works along side Saint Nick and disciplines misbehaving children. Disciplines and punishments are beyond just making your child sit in the corner for breaking a vase or getting mud in the house.

I really loved this film a lot, and I remember my siblings being sick of watching it everyday, but I enjoyed it. My favorite about this significant movie is the costumes and detail they put into it to make it look so real yet so terrifying. There’s this little jack n’ the box toy that becomes possessed because of Krampus’ powers; the toy becomes this weird demon clown, and literally eats someone whole. It was my favorite character.

The movie is about a family that are spending Christmas together, and how a boy wants to keep the Christmas spirit alive but his cousins make fun of him and wishes they would just go away, which is what Krampus does in a terrifying way.

It’s a good film, has some pretty good comedy mixed with horror. ‘Tis the season!